About College of Computer Science
Chongqing is one of the largest cities in China, the only government-direct controlled city in the west of China, and has committed a lot of support and investment to promote research and education in information and technology. Chongqing University is the only “985-level” university in Chongqing. (The “985-level”universities are the league of top ones given special supports by the central government.)

College of Computer Science of Chongqing University is one of the earliest established among Chinese universities in computer science. Department of Computer Science of Chongqing University was founded in 1958. In 1978, the graduate program was established. Currently, College of Computer Science includes four departments: Department of Computer Science, Department of Information Technology, Department of Computer Engineering and Department of Fundamental Computing. Great attention is always paid to the education of students and conduct of advanced research. Graduates work in various areas, such as research institutes, universities, international industries, enterprises, etc.

After 50 years of development, College of Computer Science has built a comprehensive education system. The number of enrolled students is around 2200: 160 PhD. students, 881 master-degree students, and 1155 undergraduates. The college has 123 faculty members, of which 65 hold PhD. degrees, including 25 professors and 40 associate professors and senior engineers. Most faculty members conduct active research, publishing results in international conferences and journals. The research areas include (1) Service computing and technology, (2) Pattern recognition and information processing, (3) Information safety and computational intelligence, (4) Software technology and application, (5) System architecture and intelligent distributed computing.

College of Computer Science pays attention to international exchanges and collaborations. It has formed relationship with many international universities, research institutes and leading industries. Many of the teachers and students have been exchanged with these institutes. College of Computer Science is looking for further collaborations in education and research. The college is dedicated to becoming one of the best computer science colleges in Asia.

Current Leaders of College of Computer Science
Dean: Professor Edwin Sha
Deputy Dean: Professor Wang Qian, Professor He Zhongshi, Professor Fang bin
Secretary of the Party Committee: Professor Zhu Qingsheng
Deputy Secretary: Associate professor Li Shuangqing

History of college of Computer Science
Establishment of computer science (1959)
Approval of master’s degree point (1978)
Establishment of Computer Science Department and Approval of doctor’s degree point (1986)
Establishment of College of Computer Science (1998)
First-level Discipline doctorate authorization (2003)
Post-doctoral research station (2004)
National key discipline (2007)
211 key construction disciplines (2008)
985 innovation platform (2008)

Degrees and Majors of College of Computer Science
Post-doctoral research station Computer Science and Technology
Doctor  First-class Computer Science and Technology
 Software Engineering
Second-class Computer Software and Theory
 Computer Application Technology
 Computer System Architecture
Master  Computer Software and Theory
Computer Application Technology
Computer System Architecture
Master of Engineering Computer Technology
Bachelor Computer Science and Technology
Network Engineering
Information Safety
Internet of Things

Construction of College of Computer Science
Divisions Person in Charge
Departments Department of Computer Science Zhu Zhengyu
Department of Computer Engineering Li Xueming
Department of Information Technology Yang Jiyun
Department of General Computer Science Zengyi
Teaching and Experiment Center Huang Ren
Research Institutes Key Laboratory of Dependable Service Computing in Cyber Physical Society, Ministry of Education Liu Weining
Key Laboratory of Software Theory and Technology, Chongqing Municipality Zhu Qingsheng
Institute of Network and Grid Technologies and Applications Wu Kaigui
Institute of Intelligent Computation and Information Security Yang Xiaofan
Institution of Pattern Recognition and Information Processing Fang bin
Training Centers IBM Technology Center Zhou Mingqiang
CNGI laboratory complexes Zhong Jiang
Hua Wei Network School Li Shuangqing
Offices Office of College Shen Weijie
Office of Party Committee Zhou Mingqing
Office of Graduates Wu Xing
Office of Student Affairs Gu Xi
Office of Education Affairs Li Jie
Teachers’ Union, Teachers’ Congress Shen Weijie
Youth League Committee Gu Xi
Office of Continuing Education Huang Junlin

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